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Friday, January 06, 2006

Nop Phra Len Phleng at Kamphaeng Phet, Feb 11-19, 2006

The Nop Phra Len Phleng Fair is held during the celebrations of Makha Bucha. A tradition since the times of Sukhothai, it is described in the inscription stone found at Nakhon Chum of how processions were organised to pay homage to the town's major religious sites. The fair today consists of colorfully decorated parades of participants dressed in ancient attires crossing the Ping to pay homage to the Holy Relic on the Nakhon Chum side of the river.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

TAM 2006 Jan 12-15, 2006 at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center

This is the only Exposition for Animation and Multimedia Industry in Thailand. Thailand is moving to develop its Digital Content Cluster and prepare itself to compete in the global marketplace.Thailand is entering the global digital content marketplace – notably in the animation and computer game market segments – at a time when competitive forces are driving major companies to engage new pools of affordable talent for animation, games development, digital video production, post-production, website design, special effects, and e-learning services. Thailand offers stability, incentives, and strong creative talent to meet these needs.Thailand’s opportunity to make a success is benefiting from a convergence of both market and technology trends. Thailand, however, is still in early stages of capitalizing on these trends. Overall, its software and digital content exports in 2002 stood at approximately US$46.5 million, with digital content comprising 19 % or roughly US$ 8.79 million. An estimated 1,000 animators and computer game development workers at present are employed producing for the regional and global market.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Low cost Airline Asia to USA and EU

Just spot this new low cost airline, Oasis Hong Kong Airlines, which just start in 2006. Oasis will offer non-stop service to London, Milan, Berlin, Cologne/Bonn (Germany) and destinations in the U.S. for the same price as many travelers presently pay for a 1- or 2-stop flight. It is the first budget airline that offers long-haul passenger airline. It based in Hong Kong, with its hub at the Hong Kong International Airport.

This is a great news for both Travellers and especially business trips to this far east asia region.

The Chinese Lion Dance

The Chinese Lion Dance goes back some one thousand years. The first record of the performance of an early form of the Lion Dance dates to the early Ch’in and Han Dynasties (Third Century B.C.)
The lions express joy and happiness. From the fourth day to the fifteenth of the New Year, lion dance groups would tour from village to village in traditional China.
Both lions and dragons figure in New Year’s Parades and other celebrations throughout the year. The Lion Dance also plays an important role in the consecration of temples and other building, at business openings, planting and harvest times, official celebrations, and religious rites. There are even Lion Dance competitions featuring troupes from countries as far from China as Mexico.

Chinese New Year 2006

Get ready for noisy firecrackers, colourful sprocessions and local entertainment as the Chinese New Year is coming soon. This year it will be 26-28 January 2006.

The great place for celebrations are Bangkok at China Town.
Phuket at Sino - Portuguese quarter of Phuket Town.
Nakhorn Sawan which famous for Lion Dance.

Each year there are a lot of tourist both Thai and internation goto these places. All the hotels will be quite be booked rapidly. If you want to celebrate China New Year in Thailand, plan your visit now.

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New Year Countdown 2006

New Year Countdown 2006 Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Bangkok, Phuket and other provinces in Thailand

Welcome your first day in the Year 2006 with a wide range of joyful festivities held in Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Bangkok, Phuket and other provinces throughout Thailand.Ring in 2006 in the land of smile by counting down the last moment of 2005 with the thousands who throng to enjoy a dazzling display of entertainment, parades and fireworks held in the main spots around ThailandThis year's theme is "Diversity" and thrilling activities will be centered on this theme throughout the kingdom. Each sends off the past year and greets the New Year in own unique way, reflecting local cultural flavour. Wherever you might be around Thailand this festive season, each of the regions promises exciting or enthralling sights and sounds and colourful experiences.Highlights include light-and-sound multimedia presentation, live performances on stage by famous singers and TV celebrities, cultural performance and spectacular fireworks display. As the New Year party ends, many head for the temples for merit-making to ensure that a bright and happy New Year follows.

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